Viva Bastardo!

What to expect:

Whether you're getting ready to go out or you're staying in we'll provide the soundtrack to your Saturday night. Very much in the same vein as a dj set we'll start off with some more laid back sounds and then gradually work you up into a cowbell frenzy and have you dancing around your living room.

With no particular emphasis on genre just good music, expect to hear tracks from right across the spectrum encompassing everything from hip-hop, funk and house to techno and even a little bit of Krautrock.

Your Hosts: JT & Hunty...having met on the dance floor at Cream over a decade ago we've been great friends and dj'ing together ever since. We're now taking it to the next level ie getting old and sitting down to dj!

Features: As well as digging into our musical archives we'll be featuring some exclusive tracks every month from both established artists and new unsigned gems. We will also be giving away tickets to a special event on every show. So tune in. They could be yours.

Get involved!

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