The Eclectic Circus

From 10-12pm GMT on the first Thursday of the month, DJs Paul Hughes and Adrian Luvdup will present our (un)usual mix of inane jibber jabber and excellent eclectic musical selections.

The Eclectic Circus is the non de plume of “semi-retired” Acid Housers Adrian Luvdup (of 90s “Luvdup Twins” fame) and Paul Hughes (of the much-loved post-Electric Chair “Last Rights” parties), eclectic and eccentric DJs of many a year’s experience and presenters of the much loved Eclectic Circus Wireless Show on Cowbell Radio, described by the lads as “acid house for grown-ups, balearic bounders, rankin’ rapscallions, clued-up lovelies, soul-boy scoundrels, terrace dandys and their molls...”

The show, which was launched five years ago, is notorious for its mix of eclectic but excellent dance music, interspersed with the bizarre musings of its two Northern presenters. With an ever increasing and loyal following, The Eclectic Circus Wireless Show is possibly one of the best kept secrets in radio land for those who have yet to discover it’s surreal charms.

When the boys are coaxed out of the studio to DJ, you are guaranteed a “proper” party indeed – always ones to practice what they preach, their legendary boat parties and “basement balls” are nights not easily forgotten, an intoxicating blend of messy, unbridled brilliance (both musically and atmospherically) which both the DJs and unsuspecting party-goers can take days to recuperate from!

Here’s what a few well-known dance bods have had to say about the Eclectic Circus…

"What I really like about it is that whilst on the one hand the show’s got a great knockabout feel to it, it's presenters really know their shit and play some top tunes, so you’ve got that balance between entertaining and informing, which is a compelling combination."
- Greg Wilson

"Fucking hilarious. The sound of two drunken idiots arguing over what to put on the jukebox next. Well done chaps "
- Balearic Mike

"You two are like the hairy bikers of dance music radio. Hilarious!"
- Innerwest Soul

"The Best Show on the Radio"
- Tony Johns

"you guy's rock"
- Marshall Jefferson

"Two Northern chappies (burnt out ravers? you make the decision) with impeccable taste in left of centre tunes. Add a modicum of spot on banter reminiscent of Mark and Lard on pills and it’s the best slice of radio that never made it on to radio (at least over here)"
- Toby Hemming

"This is the most offensive thing to air in the 5.5 years I've been a manager"
- The Station Manager, Salford City Radio (the show’s previous home)


"Broadcast from Manchester by two presenters who love what they do and enjoy a chat and listening to great tunes, the chat is funny and never dull and the music is eclectic of course, overall its excellent and introduces the listener to loads of hidden gems. Best show on the radio/internet.."

“It is a whole heap of lunatic, crazy-ass genius”

“People gonna be talking about these shows and claiming they were there. Like the Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade Hall or the last supper”

“Following in the steps of a long line of iconic duos; Harmodius and Aristogeiton, The Krankies, Mickey and Mallory Knox, Girls Aloud etc. comes the new kids on the block, Adrian Luvdup & Paul Hughes, a couple of Northerners who knock the likes of Mark & Lard into a cocked hat with their own special mix of top drawer music, slick banter and second to none musical knowledge. Adrian & Paul can nibble on my earlobes (metaphorically speaking, of course) anytime they want to!"

"loving what you're doing - keep it going man!"

"This show is for everyone.. But if you remember Hawaiian shirts. .And you wore pegs as a kid! rode a skateboard. crashed BMX'x trying to pull off a wheelie..found yourself in deep dark places listenning to rare groove ..realised that house music made this a country of brothers North and South alike... Then this show is a thing of love !!!!!"