Cowbell Radio Show

Every Thursday 7pm

Cowbell Radio is all about the music and banter folks. Cowbell has always tried to bring you the best in Indie/Electro/Hip Hop/New Wave and just about any other form of great music. We used to cram this into a weekly four hour show, we now want to give you this 24/7!!!!!!!

We have a great team behind us, just found a great home and the website will be full of all the facilities that a modern internet radio site should be. You'll have listen agains, podcasts, apps, links to buy music, playlists and everything else to make your Cowbell Radio experience top notch!

The team behind this is amazing, we have Jonny 'Jaydub' Wilde and Louis Northmore heading the tech side of things. Design guru James Hunter branding Cowbell, Anthony Morrow sorting all things official and Ed Mahon and myself involved with music and events. There are other presenters to come on board, we'll let you know as they happen. There will be a real community ethic to the station and we hope to continue all our charity work also! The whole team though are music heads and thats what is important.

Cowbell radio will have no fixed playlists, we wont have the same records on eight times a day and we promise to keep it diverse. Loads of name bands have offered to help with supplying music, mixes, exclusives etc. We are going for this folks, we feel there is a real gap in the market and we PROMISE to keep it personal as its always been x.

More news as it comes in.

Much love,

Cowbell Radio,


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