We have a great list of DJs each with their own vibe, check out the bios below and find out which shows they host and don't forget to check the schedule to see when your favourite DJ is on air...

Alistair's show(s):

Tha Gods on Cowbell

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Alistair Pacey

Blackbelt in funk and crown green bowling...

Ben's show(s):

The Sunday Joint

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Ben Davis

Ben Davis has been DJing and producing all over the world since the early 90s.

He currently runs seminal label Paper Recordings and produces as Flash Atkins but has appeared as Shaboom, Del 5 and The Bionics over the years.

Chinny's show(s):

Cowbell Radio Show

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The Sunday Joint

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Chinny has been promoting in Blackpool now for 12 yrs, bringing to the town the likes of Kool Herc, Ugly Duckling, Cash Money, James Lavelle, Daddy G and to be honest too many other big names to list. Blue nightclub was where most of this happened and for 4/5 years its place in clubbing history was firmly in place with national recognition.

After Blackpool came Leeds with Fresh Jive being a massive focus and success. As a DJ he has played nearly every top venue and club night in the city inc residencies at Bad Sneakers, Oporto, Neon Cactus and The Elbow Rooms. Still going from strengh to strengh in his old age with festival bookings coming in inc the very special Electric Elephant in Croatia.

Cowbell is now his first love just overshadowing his stalker like love of LCD Soundsystem …. Bang that cowbell folks X

Daniel's show(s):

The Sunday Joint

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Daniel Jackson

Daniel plays electronica, acoustic, indie, dreampop jazz, afrobeat and other nonsense for your ears to listen to, as often as possible on Cowbell Radio. With one foot in the past, he digs out classic gems from left-field. His other foot is firmly in the present, bringing you new sounds from all over the world.

He's playing the Beatherder and Deershed festivals this year and present the Secret Supper Club in Harrogate.

He's also the curator of and regular presenter on the Sunday Joint on Cowbell Radio and that I'll be popping up here and there on other Cowbell shows and maybe doing the odd one off.


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The Sunday Joint On Cowbell Radio - 7 April 2013 - by Daniel Jackson on Mixcloud

Danielle's show(s):

Rewind Selector

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Danielle Slater has been providing the soundtrack to Sunday evenings since the station started back in April. Her show entitled ‘Rewind Selector’ is a 3 hour eclectic mix of old & new music including northern soul, reggae/ dub, electro, indie, drum&bass and more. Between 8 and 9pm she provides a specialist hour where you can expect to hear northern soul stompers from the Blackpool Mecca & Wigan Casino days along with old skool reggae classics.

Danielle is from a family of musicians & DJ’s and is also a key player in the Beat Herder festival’s new Parish Church venue. Catch her show every Sunday from 7pm.

Ed's show(s):

Cowbell Radio Show

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I'll House You

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Ed Mahon

Ed Mahon had an early start as a DJ, his first club set was at Blackpool's legendary Sequins at the tender age of 16! Since then he has been a regular at some of the North West's coolest underground clubs and bars.

Although best known for his love of old school house, his DJ apperances have seen him play everything from the latest US house to funk, hip hop, electro, nu disco, indie, Balearic and soul

Ed was co-presenter on the original Cowbell show, helping to build the show and brand into the success it is today.

His infectious love of house music also led to his own show dedicated to the very best house music "I'll House You", a fast-growing brand which is part of the Cowbell radio banner, and attracts many listeners and guest DJs for the 7-hour mixathon show!

As well as DJing Ed has started to venture in to remixing, and 2012 promises more from Ed in the way of production, radio success, club nights, festivals, getting behind the decks, mixing up a storm and banging that Cowbell!

Gaz's show(s):

Beat Generation

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Gaz Heckman

I started listening to music properly 1978-79 I was 9-10 yrs old and of course it was Two Tone, Ska and Mod just like everybody else in my age group, it didn’t take long for me to start buying records and building up a collection over the years visiting record fairs at the Winter Gardens and of course Sinfonia Records (Sandy)

I used to spend most of my Saturdays in Sinfonia sifting through hundreds of records looking for rare stuff and also the new mod records that were being released at that time like The Kick, The Moment and Time UK as well as the old bands i.e. Secret Affair, The Chords, Purple Hearts and Squire. I had a very good friend who also used to buy the records I did Stuart Mackie is his name and we are still good mates today he still has his collection unfortunately due to the roof collapsing in my garage mine is long gone. When I was younger I DJ’d a few gigs mainly supporting the group Yeh-Yeh nothing big just being part of the scene, it was at one of these gigs I met my lovely wife Tina.

I got married when I was nineteen and we had our first child at twenty and left the mod scene completely, I lost touch with a lot of my mates, well I suppose you do when you start a family. Anyway the next scene was house music, rave and acid house to which I loved, strange for a mod to like this kind of music but I did and started to buy the records again from the Manchester scene, Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses and The Charlatans, they were great times but then I got into the Northern Soul scene. A good friend rang me one night and told me there was a soul night on at the Highland room which was the old Mecca at the Tiffany buildings on Central Drive. The queue was enormous and it took an age to get in but it was worth the wait, going up the escalators and walking down the corridor and into THE HIGHLAND ROOM, I was hooked from that day on. I have been to many all dayers and all nighters over the years and met some great people who share the passion.

I got a phone call in November from an old friend Paul Thompson telling me that one of our good mod mates Paul ‘Tiny’ Walsh had been diagnosed with cancer and could I DJ at the charity night he was arranging in December, of course I couldn’t say no. Unfortunately ’Tiny’ lost his fight before the charity night. We decided to go ahead with the night as a celebration of his life, this was very hard but seeing all our old friends from the Mod scene getting together again after 25-30 years was a fitting tribute to him.

Which brings me to Cowbell Radio, after Christmas I got a call from Chinny who helped Paul Thompson arrange the memorial night for Tiny and asked me if I fancied doing a spot on the radio just a couple of hours on a Tuesday night. I thought about it for a couple of weeks, came down to the studio and the rest is history, along with Norman I now play Mod, Ska, Motown, and Northern Soul on the radio as The Beat Generation, sometimes I have to pinch myself just to make sure its real because I’m having the time of my life. Norman and myself have DJ’d at several gigs and I hope to do many more on the mod/Northern Soul scene like one that’s lined up in August djing with Rico and Roddy from the Specials in conjunction with Cowbell Radio.

Harry's show(s):

Harry Wilde

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Harry Wilde

I’ve had a passion for music since an early – granted I am still only 17 - age; Hip Hop has always been the genre I have worked hard to stay on top of, as hard as that might be.

Digging for new music is probably my most time consuming hobby and on my show I love showing people stuff they haven’t heard before, as well as throwing in the classics we all know and love.

I’ve been lucky enough to play out at a few locations around Blackpool and of course, at Cowbell’s own Alfresco events, however most of my DJing is done at home, while I experiment and look for my favourites to play on the show!

You can check out live sets over at or come and chill every Wednesday at 6pm here on Cowbell for the latest in hip hop’s underground alongside electro and much more.

Henry's show(s):

Invisible Cities

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Henry Zoonka

Originally from Kent and now living in London, Henry was inspired by the sounds of synth pop, hip hop and electro through the 80s then the acid house revolution and subcultures that followed. From woods and fields to railway arches, bars and clubs he has worked in various roles as promoter, DJ, label manager, manning the decks and till at an independent record shop. Like many his travels through music have been varied and nomadic, never settling or obsessing over one genre or scene instead cherry picking from many fields to satisfy personal taste. "If I had to describe my music taste it'd be psychedelic-space-disco-synth-house-electronic-boogie-punk-funk-new-wave-Balearica, or something like that, but it changes without warning like British weather."

Iain's show(s):

Iain Jenkyn Jones

Iain has been DJ'ing for many years, starting off in the bars and parties around Manchester and then finely tuning his skills playing solidly for a year in Bali (someone had to do it!).

His first loves were hip hop and house (with a brief obsession with Oasis) but he has also always loved the more underground sounds of breaks and tech so basically anything electronic goes within reason... as long as it's good.

As a DJ he has gone by two different monikers - 'Jay Funk' when playing funky breaks sets and 'Tropical Jones' when playing house and nu-disco...

These days Iain's focus is almost purely on the nu-disco/house sound so you can expect to hear tunes from the likes of Prins Thomas, Maxxi Soundsystem, Todd Terje, Greg Wilson, Lindstrom, Aeroplane, Juan Maclean and Shit Robot on his radio show... the perfect combination to get your weekend started in style!

Jakey's show(s):

Jakey and Baron's Blues Show

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Jakey Jakester

The love of blues started when I was first learning guitar, some one gave me a blues compilation tape of old blues song and said if you want to play guitar you should listen to this. I loved it, it stuck a chord in me. I started hearing these same sounds in R&B, rock, funk, soul and jazz. This is what I want to bring to our Cowbell radio show.

James's show(s):

Viva Bastardo!

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James Hunter

DJ / Graphic Designer / Lion Tamer. JT and I have been DJ'ing together for over 10 years since a chance meeting on a sweaty dancefloor at Cream. Our mutual love of music led us to starting our Pop Bastard night at The Brudenell Social in Leeds which saw and eclectic mix of bands, dj's and cheap cocktails. We now sit down to DJ.

James's show(s):

Viva Bastardo!

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James Thirkette

I once won a dancing competition at a radio 1 fun day. The prize was a pair of Gary Davies boxer shorts (They had 'Ooh Gary Davies' written down the side). The song I was dancing too was 'Hey Mona' by Craig McLachlan.

DJ/Blogger/Record maker/lover. Can't wait to shove some tunes in your ears with my man Hunty. Viva Bastardo!

JayDub's show(s):

Tha Gods on Cowbell

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JayDub has been a devout hip hop head since day one... well 1981 anyway. He's been a b-boy, graffiti artist, DJ and producer and hip hop basically shapes his life!

After DJing house clubs (for money, not love) in the mid/late 90's JayDub moved away from the club scene and became an observer rather than a contributor... still always buying and loving hip hop music though!

The DJ bug eventually rekindled and returned and JayDub started DJing again, but purely for the love of it this time and purely hip hop.

Since then, he and Ali Pacey formed Tha Gods, and JayDub got together with Chinny and Ed to create Cowbell Radio and JayDub now is privileged to know and work with some of the dopest hip hop DJs in the world through the open house Gods shows and various other means.

JayDub loves to rock clubs, indoors or out, house parties, whatever... it's always fun because it's not a job, it really is purely for the love of it all!

John's show(s):

The Sunday Joint

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John Tree

It’s all about the groove.

UK based DJ, percussionist and occasional producer, started DJing in 1991, doing private parties and one-offs, gradually building his skills.

His early sets were eclectic, clashing all styles, but he has refined things in later years, and whilst still unpredictable, he often touches on Brazilian, Jamaican, African, Jazz, House, Bass and Electro Swing.

His main current project is organising The Perfumed Garden stage at the amazing Beat-Herder Festival in Lancashire, showcasing live music and DJs.

Resident at Solfest’s Dogs in Space since ’08, and co-founder of Blackpool’s Fusion Fridays from ’07-’10 (monthly World grooves event), and now Speakeasy, his growing list of festivals includes Garden Of Delights, Blackburn Mela, Exodus, Showzam, Arts in the Park, Free Rotation, Bearded Theory, Alchemy and of course Beat-Herder.

Michela's show(s):

Rebel Boombox

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Michela Johnson

With a background in music journalism, djing, event management and promoting, I consider myself a full-time music anorak. Working for several years booking, promoting and hosting both live and club events for Newcastle University saw me turn my hand to everything from indie gigs to out and out raves, breakdancing championships to northern soul clubnights and a whole lot more besides.

For several years I have worked in production roles at a number of festivals including Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Bestival and I am a firm supporter of the local scene in Newcastle. Whilst I try to avoid the word eclectic my tastes really do span far and wide – I suppose I only like one kind of music though and that is GREAT music!

I openly admit I am a music nerd and obsessively collect music, I love discovering gems be they old or new and at any afterparty you will usually find me either trying to wrestle someone off the musical source or digging through someone’s record bag for inspiration! Expect the unexpected from this little Northern monkey and I sincerely hope you won’t be disappointed.

Nathan's show(s):

Rewind Selector

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Nathan Parker

Neil's show(s):

I Like This Song

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Neil Bontoft

Since a young age Neil has been a keen fan of music and despite early purchases of MC Hammer and La Bamba, it was Britpop of the mid 90's where he laid his musical roots.

Throughout his teens and early twenties he would peruse the racks of Action Records in Preston on a weekly basis spending his money on the music that would come to define him.

A Friday night residency with his good friend Karl Yates at Roper Hall playing new and classic indie followed for a few years before the unfortunate passing of his girlfriend meant he took some time out of the game to re-evaluate.

A couple of years on and following a stint on Radio Preston and a residency at the Warehouse in Preston, Neil joined the Cowbell family, hosting a weekly show each Friday playing out the best in new Indie music.

Norman's show(s):

Beat Generation

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Norman Haslam Jnr

Norman Haslam started his DJ journey back in 1998 when he bought a pair of belt driven decks and a single rack cd set up and taught himself to play. He got his first gig thanks to Jon Baugh who invited him to play in the Solidgone Room at the Neighbourhood nights at The Winter Gardens Blackpool in 2002.At these gigs Norman used to play, Soul, FunkR&B, Northern, Disco and House music. Solidgone hosted a room at The Winter gardens for a number of years but also held one off parties at venues such as The Galleon, K2, Beat, Bar Red and West coat Cafe where Norman played alongside Krysko.

Norman also played along the Solidgone DJs at Cuba charity nights at various venues in Blackpool.

In 2006 Norman hung up his headphones. After going out and seeing Rahaan play at Bar 137 in January 2011 Norman quickly rushed home to get them headphones back on again.

2011 saw Norman playing his Edit debut at Bar 137 alongside Andy Senior whom Norman danced many a night away to back in the early 90s. In 2011 Norman also played many gigs with the Sunday Social crew at bar 137 and Ego Bar.

Normans musical interest started way back in 1979. When he was only 10 years old he got into the dance music known as Ska,listening to bands such as The Specials, Madness, The Beat, The Selecter and Bad Manners. In the early '80s Norman got into the Mod scene listening to The Who, The Small Faces and The Jam. This led him into Northern Soul and then Soul and Funk from the likes of James Brown,Otis Redding and anything on the Stax Label. In later years Norman embraced Funk and Disco from the 60s through to now, and listened to artists such as George Clinton's Parliament/Funkadelic, Prince,Chromeo and Disco on labels such as Prelude, West End and Salsoul. Norman got into house music way back in 1986 and hasn't stopped loving the many genres that have evolved over the years.

Back in December 2012 Norman played a selection of Mod, Ska & Northern for a charity event for Paul Tiny Walsh at Blackpool Cricket Club, alongside Roly Fergurson who used to run the Neighbourhood events that Norman first DJ'd at also Dj'ing that night was Gaz Heckman.

In February Norman was asked to do a radio show for Cowbell Radio along with Gaz who he'd met just a couple of months earlier. The show started mid February and has been a Great success.The Show called Beat Generation is on Cowbell radio every Tuesday 7pm till 10pm. Norman & Gaz did a charity night at the Cricket Club at Easter,and have now got a bi-monthly residency at Marton Institute. They are both also Dj'ing alongside Chinny in August on a day that includes Roddy Radiation and Rico Rodriguez from the Specials.

At these events and on the radio show Norman can be heard spinning, Ska, Northern, 6Ts, R&B, 2Tone and 21st Century Mod influenced music from the likes of The Strypes,The Rising & The Talks.etc etc. KTF!

Paul's show(s):

Paul Thornton